ASCE = American Society of Civil Engineers
CIA = Central Intelligence Agency

CNN = Cable News Network

CVR = Cockpit Voice Recorder

DCANG = District of Columbia Air National Guard

DOD = Departement of Defence

EPA = Environmental Protection Agency

FAA = (in VS) Federal Aviation Administration

FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation

FDR = Flight Data Recorder

FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Agency

FISA = Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

HPSCI = House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

NEADS = Northeast Air Defense Sector (NORAD sector)

NIST = National Institute of Standards and Technology

NMCC = National Military Command Center

NORAD = North American Aerospace Defense Command

NSA = National Security Agency

NSC = (United States) National Security Council

NTSB = National Transportation Safety Board

OEM = (New York City) Office of Emergency Management

PEOC = Presidential Emergency Operations Center

SEC = Securities and Exchange Commission (beurswaakhond)

SSCI = United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

USAF = United States Air Force

SWAT = Special Weapons and Tactics

USSS = United States Secret Service

USSTRATCOM = United States Strategic Command